Upside-down Christmas trees are back in vogue for 2021 - again 11 months ago

Upside-down Christmas trees are back in vogue for 2021 - again

Upside-down Christmas trees are all the rage - again.

The inverted tree style has been a staple of anyone's home who likes to do things a little differently for the past few years now, but for 2021 it seems as if more and more people are interested in having their own upside-down Christmas tree.


Melissa Wright, owner of Allure Beauty Salon in the UK, has been putting up her upside-down Christmas tree for three years now.

She ordered the tree online for £190 (€224) and spent £200 (€236) on her swan lake themed decorations. “It takes around 2-3 hours to assemble and we have a lovely lady called Melanie who puts it up for us every year," she tells

“The base is just like a normal tree, we sometimes get scared to go near it in case it topples over but it never has I think we just get nervous just in case as it’s so big.”


Upside-down Christmas trees first became a thing worth Goggling back in 2017 when Karl Lagerfeld designed 5 star hotel Claridge's Christmas tree (see above).

The trend spiked that year, and now it appears as if more and more people are searching for inverted Christmas trees than ever before. It's not just Google either, people are searching all over Instagram and TikTok for these trees too - so much so that Melissa's posts have now got millions of views.

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“Our clients absolutely love the tree, they all mention it all the time," she says. "And they get so excited each year for it going up. Some bring their kids to see it even if they don’t have an appointment booked in and they always take photos and videos of it too.

“But when it went viral on TikTok some people didn’t like the idea of it being upside down and not traditional but who cares because we love it!"