Vintage Women's Christmas Gift Ideas 6 years ago

Vintage Women's Christmas Gift Ideas

Women's Christmas or as it is also known, Nollaig na mBan is celebrated on the 6th of January every year.

It occurs on the same day as the Christian feast day of The Epiphany, marking the visit of the Three Wise Men to baby Jesus in Nazareth.


In Ireland, it was traditionally celebrated as a 'day off' for the women of the country, who by that time would have been exhausted following a busy Christmas period of slaving away over hot turkeys and screaming kids, and having a terrible time of it generally.

In the spirit of Women's Christmases gone by, we've compiled this handy Vintage Little Christmas Gift Guide for the ladies in your life:

Scouring Pads

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The casserole dish will never look cleaner, and the lucky lady washing it will never feel more fulfilled!

Colour Catcher Sheets


Imagine the look on your mammy/wife/sister's face when they settle down on the couch to open this little delight! They can finally do the wash and take real risks with it. She won't know herself throwing those black trousers in with her good white bras.

Dustpan And Brush

Think of all the ash from your husband and his friends' pipes that you'll sweep up in double quick time. Amazing.


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A Good Scissors

It's something no self-respecting woman should do without. Just think of all the recipes you could cut out of Woman's Weekly, and with such efficiency as well. Great stuff.

A Sit Down

Absolutely priceless for the working woman. When you're not scouring bedpans, scrubbing sheets or giving birth, a good sit down is absolutely invaluable.



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An Attentive Husband

Maybe Barry could do some reading up on how to ask about your day?


Being Allowed To Keep Your Job When You Get Married

Working Girl

Source: The Guardian

Up until the 1970s in Ireland, women weren't allowed to keep their jobs once they tied the knot. That's pretty grim isn't it?

Equal Pay For Doing Said Job

Enough said really, this still isn't happening in Ireland with women earning 20% less than men on average in Ireland.


Contraceptive pill packets

Source: The Guardian

Contraception was also entirely illegal in Ireland until 1980 with strong restrictions in place until 1992. So maybe a good Women's Christmas present would have been a pack of Durex or at least the pill?

However things have (slightly) moved on since these gifts were deemed appropriate, Nollaig Na mBan has been reclaimed in recent years as a day where women gather to celebrate each other, and it now has very little to do with chores. Happy Women's Christmas!

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