Virtual yoga classes in aid of the Simon Community are happening this weekend 2 weeks ago

Virtual yoga classes in aid of the Simon Community are happening this weekend

It's the longest day of the year soon.

And while many of us may bask in the idea of enjoying considerably more sunlight, for many members of the homeless community, having a longer day isn't always a good thing.

The Simon Community's Longest Day campaign takes place each year around June 20 (the longest day of the year), and aims to raise funds for the 7,600+ people experiencing homelessness in Dublin and all other counties served by the charity.

This year's campaign features a series of online yoga classes in aid of the homeless charity, a sun salutations challenge to 'Stretch for Simon' and a series of other wellness classes.

Presenter Darren Kennedy is this year's ambassador for the campaign, and he says that he is "delighted" to be involved in the challenge.

"I’ve been a great admirer of Dublin Simon’s work with individuals and families living homelessness for many years, so it means a lot to support the campaign," he says.

Darren Kennedy 

"I will be taking on the 108 Sun Salutations challenge this June 20 and am encouraging my followers to get involved and join me on my journey. I’ve only recently gotten into yoga so I’m looking forward to the challenge and am delighted to be doing it for a good cause.”

"While most of us love to see the stretch in the evenings as the summer draws closer, the sad reality is that for the 7,000 people living in homelessness in Dublin, those extra hours of sunshine are just more time to fill until it gets dark enough to sleep," added Simon Community's head of fundraising & communications Emma Kilkenny.

"More time to worry, more time to feel sad, more time to feel alone. When you’re stuck inside emergency accommodation or trying to care for your family in a cramped hotel room, every day feels like the longest day."

You can find out more about the Simon Community's online yoga classes, or their other Longest Day events, here.