WATCH - This American Prom Dress Code Video Is Insane 5 years ago

WATCH - This American Prom Dress Code Video Is Insane

Prom is one of the biggest social events in an American teenager's calendar, much like our Debs ball here, but it seems like the fun is very tightly regulated by more conservative schools.

This video made by Cleveland High School in North Carolina  is one of the most bizarre things to ever hit the internet.


Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.50.48

There's a judging panel of schoolgirls who hold up placards when presented with dresses, and they decide whether they are appropriate for prom or not. The criteria seem to be incredibly strict, as you can see below.

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We understand a dress code to some extent, but it seems like this school want their female pupils to attend prom wearing a floor length potato sack. Fairly extreme. Watch it below

Images and Video via Cleveland High School