WATCH: Woman "disgusted" as she catches man filming her in gym 10 months ago

WATCH: Woman "disgusted" as she catches man filming her in gym

"I felt so disgusted, my stomach literally dropped."

A woman has said she was left feeling horrified after accidentally catching a man filming her as she worked out in the gym.


TikTok user @marziii10 was filming herself lifting weights for a TikTok video to track her progress. In the short clip, a man leans in front of the camera and exposes his own phone screen - which clearly reveals that he is also recording her.

The woman turns around and he quickly realises he has walked into the frame, apologises, and moves away.

@marziii10 I didn’t notice until I watched the video in my car… #wtff #gymfail #gross #whatdoido #fyp ♬ original sound - m


"I was recording myself but it looks like I wasn't the only one," she captioned the video.

It was only later on when she watched over the footage that she realised he had been recording her.

"I was taking a video of myself to see my progress and my form," the woman explained. "And so I set up my phone against a machine and this man walked by - or so I thought he walked by - and I thought I needed to move it because it was in his way.

"So I apologised and said: 'Oh no, sorry, you're fine'. But little did I know he was recording me. It wasn't until I was done working out, I came into my car and I rewatched my video, and saw that he was in fact recording me.


"It was... I felt so disgusted, my stomach literally dropped. He's lucky I was running late for work otherwise I would've ran in there and been like: 'What the hell?'"

She went on to say she had since reached out to a manager from the gym who is going to review the footage and together they will file a report.

Most people rushed to the comments to show their support for her in what was clearly an uncomfortable situation.


"For your safety and the safety of woman in that gym in the future, I hope he gets caught and kicked out. Sorry this happened to you!" one person said.

"This is why I go to an all girls gym," a second person added.

Others defended the man's actions due to the fact she was recording herself already but the woman was having none of it.

"I don't even wanna address some of those comments I've seen because its' a literal war zone," she said. "I'm just baffled to say the least at some of those comments."