This website will warn you if a dog dies in a movie 3 years ago

This website will warn you if a dog dies in a movie

It's sometimes too much.

If you're a dog lover, or an animal lover in general, then you'll know it's heartbreaking when any little creature dies in a movie.


Just look at Bambi, The Lion King or Marley and Me. The SOBS out of us were something else. I still remember seeing Marley and Me in the cinema and crying the whole way to the end.

However, now you won't have to cry at a dog dying in any movie ever again because this new website will warn you if any pupper passes away.

Simply called Does The Dog Die, the website is a handy tool that will help you judge whether you will be able to handle the devastation of a loss in the movie so you won't be weeping for days afterwards.

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All you have to do on the website is type in the movie you want to watch in the search bar (you can also search for TV shows and books) and it will give you any trigger warnings you might need.

However, you'll have to be careful though as it may have a few spoilers in the text... but at least we can avoid our favourite animals on earth passing away.