Were You At Ed Sheeran Over the Weekend? A New Friend Might Be Looking for You... 7 years ago

Were You At Ed Sheeran Over the Weekend? A New Friend Might Be Looking for You...

Anyone who was at Ed Sheeran over the weekend will know that love was most certainly in the air. 

From sneaky shifts to proposals galore (including one ON the stage!), the world just seemed a little more romantic in Croker's hallowed grounds.


Her.ie reader Sarah fancies herself as a bit of a matchmaker and spotted what she thinks might be a special connection on the Saturday night - and she's calling out for some help. Sarah writes:

"Dear Her.ie,

The reason I am writing this is I would like one of my friends to be reunited with a lady she met at Ed Sheeran on Saturday night. We know her name is Emily. She travelled to the concert with her friends but they were seated and she was the only one standing. We thought it was brave of her to do that in the first place but herself and my friend (who she referred to as Slurry but her actual nickname is Storey) hit it off straight away. 

We're not sure of her gender preference however I think we should all meet up again and see what happens. They shared some great Ed Sheeran memories and could share some greater moments together if we could find Emily :) Come to Waterford for a drink Emily or we'll all meet in Dublin again for a night out :) #findemily #anotherfeelgoodedsheeranstory #thanksed"


We've left out some of the details about Emily in case she doesn't want to be found, but if this sounds like you and you'd like to meet Sarah, Sinead and co again (pictured below), please drop us a line to hello@her.ie and we'll put you in touch.

UPDATE: Emily and Sinead have been reunited! Thank you for all your help.... we await the wedding invitation!


Who knows... we might inspire another Ed Sheeran hit yet!