Top Tips From The Expects On Cooking The Perfect Christmas Dinner 5 years ago

Top Tips From The Expects On Cooking The Perfect Christmas Dinner

There's just days left til it's time to sit down and tuck into that Christmas feast but unless you have someone else taking over the duties in the kitchen, you might be feeling a little bit nervous about the big event.

Worry not, as we've compiled some top tips from some of the best chefs in the world so you can make sure your Christmas dinner has everyone talking for months to come!


"The one thing you want to avoid on Christmas Day is stress, so planning and, where possible, preparing and cooking ahead, is definitely the way to go. You want to spend as little time as possible chained to the stove while everyone else is enjoying presents and wine, so my advice is keep it simple. Try some easy and tasty grissini wrapped in Parma ham with creamy pesto dip, or if you want something hot, prawn skewers with lemon, butter and chilli. You'll be a hero, although it'll only take you minutes to prepare." Gino D'Acampo

"One of the biggest challenges with your turkey is to take into account that the legs take longer to cook than the breast. I like to push stuffing between the turkey’s skin and breasts, so it takes the same time to cook as the legs." Jamie Oliver.

"To get your turkey golden on the outside without it becoming dry, cook it longer than you normally would, at a lower ­temperature, 60°C or so. Then take it out, put the oven up to 250°C and put it back in." - Really keep your eye on it though as the skin will crisp up very quickly. It depends on the size of the bird and the oven, but a 4kg (8.8lbs) turkey will take six to eight hours." Heston Blumenthal

"Cook the turkey breast down in the roasting tray – this allows the fat at the back to seep through to the breast, keeping it moist. Turn over for last half-hour to brown." Nigella Lawson

"Do twice the amount of stuffing you need and make some little balls with what’s left over to cook alongside the bird – everyone loves these." Jamie Oliver

"Olive oil is better than goose fat for roast potatoes. Add garlic and rosemary or try all kinds of flavourings, spices, herbs or chillies." Heston Blumental


"There’s no need to blow the arse off every goddamned sprout. When you criss-cross them, it may speed up the cooking but it leaves behind a floating mush. Instead parboil them the day ­before then on the day lightly sauté them with ­chestnuts, ­rosemary and garlic." Gordon Ramsay

"If you can cheat, then cheat. If you're not good at roast potatoes, buy them, if you're not good at gravy, buy it. You can do the veg – and even the turkey – the day before. Blanch off your veg, cool it in cold water, take it out of the cold water, cover it and pop it in the fridge, then when you're ready to cook, pop it back into boiling water or even in the microwave." Simon Rimmer

"Enjoy it, first and foremost, it’s the most important thing. The stress of cooking will reflect in the food. If you relax and enjoy it, the food will feel relaxed and be enjoyed. Even if you overcook it, but you’ve enjoyed doing it, the food will feel loved." Tom Kerridge

Quotes via Middevongazette and Mirror Online