All Grown Up: How To Make The Right Impression In The Workplace 4 years ago

All Grown Up: How To Make The Right Impression In The Workplace

Getting it right. 

Regardless of whether you're hoping to turn an internship into a paid position or trying to work your way up the ladder, making the right impression in the workplace is key.

Ultimately, it will be the work that you do that will decide whether you move to the next level, but being smart about your conduct can things a lot more straightforward.

Here's a few things that might help achieve that goal.


Be indispensable

An oldie but a goodie - and definitely works. The best way to cement your place in a company is to make sure you are doing something that nobody else does. Take your time and look for missed opportunities before putting together a pitch and bringing it to your supervisor. They'll admire your initiative and soon, you'll have carved out your own place on the team.

Go one better

One mistake that people regularly make is doing exactly what they are told by their boss. Chances are, fulfilling your job description won't get you a promotion, but exceeding it will. No, we're not suggesting that you work extra hours and drive yourself into the ground. Instead, anticipate what might be needed and have the answers ready/preparations done when the time comes.


Be positive

The last thing anyone wants in their office is an attitude that drags the rest of the team down, so forget complaining and moaning about trivial things. Instead, look on the bright side, be motivated and enthusiastic and be friendly to everyone.

Keep out of the politics

There are more power struggles and scandals in the average office than there is in Leinster House but you'd be well advised to steer clear. No good comes from bitching behind your co-worker's back or trying to get one over one your nemesis in the next department, trust us.

Gossiping We all love a good gossip, be it Middleton’s new hair-do or a colleague’s new romance, nothing beats a good natter. The good news is that gossiping could actually be good for us. Bonding and having a laugh with your peers releases feel-good hormones which help to relieve stress and anxiety.

Be punctual 

Punctuality is a major issue in the workplace and if you are consistently late, you'll make a bad impression very quickly. Set your alarm an hour earlier or place it away from the bed so that you're forced to get out from under that duvet. Those extra five minutes are not worth risking your career.

Be confident

The Irish people have been brought up with a self-deprecating humour and unfortunately, many of us also bring this into the office. Stop putting yourself down and if you hit a big milestone or gain some great results, don't be afraid to clap yourself on the back. If you don't, nobody else will.

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Lose the fear

Occasionally, you'll get asked to do things that you haven't done before and if you think you're out of your depth and can't handle it, then definitely say so. However, if you're just afraid to take on the challenge, bite the bullet and give it a go. You'll be surprised at what you'll achieve!