Wicklow Family Offer €5,000 For The Safe Return of Their Beloved Dog 6 years ago

Wicklow Family Offer €5,000 For The Safe Return of Their Beloved Dog

On the first of February, Nastro the dog wandered off during a walk. Nastro is an 8-year-old Samoyed. He was seen in someone's back garden on the 2nd of February.

It has now been five weeks since the dog went missing and owner Marie Duffy is desperate for the safe return of her pet.


A Facebook page has been set up since early on in the search, with Marie and her family posting regular updates.

“It's officially day 5 and we still don't have Nastro sleeping in our bed. His favourite place to sleep is on my pillow which results in me using him as a pillow! I only hope that he is sleeping comfortably now. Our concern is growing every day that we may never get to give this amazing fluffy man a cuddle again”.

Now determined that to be reunited with Nastro, Marie and family have offered a €5,000 reward for his safe return – no questions asked.



They write: 

'We are putting the reward up to €5,000 but only until Monday 14th for the safe return of Naz. 
It breaks our heart to say this but Nastro has not been seen in 4 and a half weeks since Newcastle. It's been 3 and a half weeks since he was possibly seen in bray. This means that someone has probably taken him in. They may not know he is missing as his collar could be gone. 
We need your help to like and share this post immediately to get the word out there that we need our dog home. Please don't judge us but instead help us'

Since his disappearance, there have been a few sightings.

According to the dedicated search Facebook Page, here’s what we know.


Nastros timeline:

Feb 1st: Arrives Bellevue woods with dog walker at 1.30, dogs hop out of car do their business and Nastro runs off down the trail on the immediate right on Ballydonagh lane entrance into woods. People search woods till 12 that night. It was extremely stormy and too difficult to hear barking.

Feb 2nd: Nastro is seen in The Pigeon House car park at 12pm

Feb 2nd: Nastro is seen in a back garden of a house on Bellevue hill (girls uncle has Samoyeds so knows the breed all her life) at 2.30pm (muddy paws)


Feb 2nd: Seen on Charlesland main road afternoon (neighbour noticed purple collar, looked happy and sniffing around acting normal didn't know he as missing)

Feb 2nd: seen in Charlesland park wandering around 7pm

At points he’s been spotted in Bray and Newcastle.

If you have any details about his whereabouts, contact Marie on maireduffy13@hotmail.com.