Woman convinces Tinder date to get a matching tattoo... and wow 3 years ago

Woman convinces Tinder date to get a matching tattoo... and wow

About as spontaneous as you could get...

Tinder can be a ball of surprises. You could find a gem of a human. You could meet the scum of the earth. You will always receive an unsolicited dick pic. And you might, just might, get a new tattoo from it.


A man and woman from Pennsylvania in the US, decided to just wing it and get matching tattoos before they even met. And if you think it's a lie, the lad, Chris, uploaded photographic evidence of the tats.

Chris went along with the spontaneous tattoo idea and tweeted: "My tinder bio was 'Just trying to find a tinder match to get matching tats with' and today I was feeling impulsive and actually went and did it."


They got matching Shamrock tattoos on them, with Chris telling Pretty52: "I just like to live my life as spontaneous and impulsive as I can to always keep myself doing better and living life to the fullest.

"It was [Kennedy's] idea to get the four leaf clover tattoo and I wasn't going to say no because I have always been a lucky kid so that's what I will think every time I see the four leaf clover tattoo."

The woman of the hour, Kennedy, said: "At first we talked about matching taco tattoos but then I brought up the idea about shamrocks and [Chris] said yes," before adding that there was "not much discussion about what we were getting."

The pair plan to meet up soon and said "Who knows if it'll be something more spontaneous than the tattoo!"