A woman is wondering if her friend went 'too far' with her different baby name 4 years ago

A woman is wondering if her friend went 'too far' with her different baby name

What do you think?

Couples will admit that choosing a baby name can be very tough. Especially when you want to pick something a bit more unusual or unique.


You have to try to strike a balance between something that works for you but won't raise too many eyebrows. Even though, it really shouldn't matter what others think, the last thing you want is people making comments about the name, either to your face or behind your back.

That's exactly what happened when a woman found out the name of her friend's baby. She took to a popular parenting forum to ask if she was being normal to think the name was a bit too different.

She said on Mumsnet:

"I was being nosy on Facebook earlier and saw someone I went to school with.

She's had a baby boy and called him 'Chip'. It's definitely not short for anything, I saw the birth announcement. That's his proper name.

I'm all for variety and different names etc, but that's too far isn't it?! Or am I being normal?"


She got a mixed response from people. Some agreeing that it is  a bit too different:

"I think it's a really cute nickname. But not as a proper name."

"CHIP as a main Christian name/forename is a bit weird IMO. Not awful, but a bit weird. I think it's OK as a nickname but not a full first name."

"It is a totally awful name, and thankfully not common. Biff, Chip and Kipper did spring to mind, as did Chip Shop."

Others saying that it is different but that they love it.

"I love it and would have had it but it was a big fat NO WAY from husband."

"Not a common name. I've been teaching for years and have yet to meet a Chip. I quite like it in it's own way."