#Covid-19: 5 ideas for socially distant dates now that we can meet outside 3 years ago

#Covid-19: 5 ideas for socially distant dates now that we can meet outside

It's official, lads.

We can now meet up with people we don't live with! Outside! While social distancing! In groups of no more than four!


Today marks the beginning of the reopening of Ireland's economy, and with it comes the easing of some restrictions involved in meeting up with friends, family, and the like.

Now, meet ups of no more than four people are permitted outdoors, which is great for those of us who missed hanging with our mates residing within a 5km radius.

But it's also great for those of us who have been actively engaging in Zoom dates during lockdown.

You know the drill: you've been chatting to someone on Tinder, you want to hang out, you have a couple of video calls, you're desperate to go on an actual date to suss the vibe.


Well, now you can. Just keep your distance, yeah? And an eye on the weather.

1. Have a picnic in the park

The socially distant date that needs no introduction, the picnic in the park should be top of the list for anyone who's been hoping to meet up with a potential romantic interest over the past few months.


A picnic in the park is the lockdown equivalent of going for a fancy meal, one that you've entirely made yourself, and will cost you next to nothing.

Hit up your local supermarkets, buy some tasty bits, and head down to your local park with your date in question. Bring a few drinks too, if you fancy sitting around for an extended period of time.

Just make sure you're within walking distance of a bathroom. A necessary addition to any social distancing date. Trust me.

2. Hold a wine tasting 


Or a beer tasting. Or a cocktail tasting. Or a fizzy drink tasting. Or just get a coffee, whichever.

Having a few outdoor drinks is lovely and all, but if you want your date to be that little bit more interesting, add a drink tasting element.

Decide on a few wines, beers, or cocktails that you'd like to sample, pick up a few bits, and meet in the park for a drinks tasting date that's sure to keep you both sufficiently entertained.

Throw in a few questionable drinks choices too so you can consistently complain about them and keep the conversation flowing nicely.

#TopTip, etc.


3. Do an exercise class together 

Hear me out, alright.

Not everyone among us wants to drink and eat while romancing. Some people want to do active things, like going for a run, a walk, or indeed an outdoor yoga class consisting of four people or fewer.

Don't knock it til you've tried it. Nothing bonds two people together like sweating in a park while simultaneously realising that you're not as fit as you thought you were.

4. Go for a lengthy walk (or cycle!) within your 5km radius 

You may very well have exhausted every single route inside your exercise radius twice over, but listen, maybe the person you're dating will have found somewhere new to go.

Suss out where they've been walking during their time in isolation and find a new route that neither of you have done before.

Or simply walk the same 5k you've been walking for the past two months. At least you'll have someone different with you this time.

5. Get a takeaway and wander the streets aimlessly 

Romantic, right?

If making some food really isn't your thing, why not order some in? Or in this case, out.

JustEat, Deliveroo, or wherever you get your takeaways from, they've all been playing a blinder for the entirety of lockdown, bringing us delicious treats that we more often than not relied on actual real life restaurants for.

But restaurants aren't open anymore, so deliver food we must.

Ask your date what takeaway they've been hoppin' off during lockdown, lament the fact that is not the takeaway you want to order, and find a happy medium.

Settle down on a green, in a park, or indeed on the side of a quiet street, order some food and tuck in.

Afterwards get your 10k steps in and go for a nice socially distant walk together, chat about your differing takeaways tastes, and whether or not you're bothered seeing one another again.

Just no touching, yeah?