Zoe Alexander Says X Factor Made Her Look Like a 'Fool' 8 years ago

Zoe Alexander Says X Factor Made Her Look Like a 'Fool'

She will probably go down in history as having thrown the biggest tantrum in X Factor history but Pink impersonator Zoe Alexander says not all is as it seems.

According to the Irish Sunday Mirror the 22 year old claims that she was told what to sing by the show and that she feels like she has been portrayed wrongly.


Zoe told the newspaper: ‘They set out to make me look like a total and utter fool of me. Even though this audition was in June, I’m still struggling to come to terms with what happened.’

On the show last night Zoe started off singing the Pink song ‘So What’ but was told by the judges to sing something else.

She then picked Emeli Sande’s ‘Next To Me’ and was told that she had a good voice but needed to go away and find her own identity.

Not surprising, none of the four judges sent her through to the next round at which point Zoe started shouting at the panel saying that she had been told to sing a Pink song.

It seems that this allegation stems from her application for the show. She says that a researcher told her that the producers wanted her to sing a Pink song and that her outburst was never meant for the judges or the audience but the producers.

Zoe was arrested by police and cautioned for assault following her outburst backstage which saw her push a camera man. If you missed it you can watch how the drama unfolded below...