6 subtle texts to let your crush know you're interested 5 years ago

6 subtle texts to let your crush know you're interested

Dating is tough.

Luckily, we've figured out a way to help you say goodbye to those pesky singledom woes and guarantee you a one way ticket out of the friend zone.


With the help of our foolproof texts listed below, your companion will soon see clearly that you're girlfriend material, as opposed to black sack material (because garbage).

Simply copy the texts below, send them on and he'll soon be marla in your lámha.

1. The Decoy Text


He'll never suspect a thing with this extremely believable blunder. You'll also have him driven demented with jealousy, as he wonders who else you could possibly be texting?



2. The Flirtation


A chat up line is 100% effective every single time. This quirky and original take on mathematics is guaranteed to highlight your humour, intelligence and staggering bravery.


3. The Jestation



Not to be confused with The Gestation, this tactic is equal parts playful and suggestive, and very likely to be effective in swooning your targeted lover. Make sure your nails are looking fab for this one, gals!


4. The Truth



At this point, he needs to know you're serious. Don't be concerned with moving too fast, you'll only slow yourself down. Let him know that you mean business. This isn't just a game for you, Linda.


5. The Logistics



Further inform him of your intentions by proposing names for your children, but be cheeky and flirty about it so he knows you're only joking (for now). He'll likely call you immediately to profess his undying love.


6. The Confirmation


Confirm your intentions by going the whole way. Simply contact your nearest graveyard maintenance person and purchase a plot for yourself and the very lucky 'himself'. A subtle way to let him know is to demand his fair share of the profits.

Follow these 6 subtle texts and you're guaranteed to let him know you're interested. These tips come with a flawless 100% success rate, so go forth and secure your happiness. You're welcome.