7 basic #SnowDay social media posts we are all guilty of sharing today 4 years ago

7 basic #SnowDay social media posts we are all guilty of sharing today

A bit of weather brings out the basic bitch in all of us.

Doesn't matter if it's good, bad, or something in between, if there's a change in the air, people are going to absolutely jump at the chance to post about it on social media.


And why not, like? The snow's only been here about 10 hours and we're definitely not sick of all the Boomerangs documenting its progress (yet).

Honestly, we never get snow so there's never enough social media we can share about it.

Here are 7 of the most basic snow day posts that we are all absolutely guilty of today.


1. Snapchat story from bed with smug caption

Look, if you got the day off because of Storm Emma or the Beast from the East or whatever we're calling it, you have to brag about it on social media.

It's an unwritten rule, and we are simply jealous that we couldn't do the same.


Potential smug captions for this post include: "Thanks Storm Emma," "Sound boss," or "Working from home lol."

Mug of hot beverage optional.

2. Boomerang of feet walking in snow

If you went outside today and didn't take a short video or a Boomerang of your feet walking through the snow, did you even go outside?


You may as well not have done, to be honest.


3. Facebook photo set with caption: "Standard day off, lol" 

We know, we know, nobody uses Facebook anymore.


Those who do though definitely posted the above including a selection of photos of themselves playing in the snow and having a generally good time.

The reason why posts such as these get such good engagement is because they are ironic.

This is not your "standard day off, lol" at all. This is a very exceptional day off, because there is snow.

4. Boomerang of snowflakes falling (blurry) 

It's hard to keep your hand steady in the blistering cold wind, OK?

5. Tweet documenting that you are, in fact, out and about travelling in the snow (!!!)

Taking public transport? In this weather?!

So brave.


6. Insta post captioned: "day off with this one" 

If you and your significant other managed to both land the day off work, good for you guys - you deserve it.

And what better opportunity to go for a walk in the snow together, hold hands, shift, and take lots of pictures to share on multiple social media platforms?

There have been a plethora of these Insta posts floating around today, each one as beautiful, heartwarming, and loneliness inducing as the last.

7. Tweet giving out about all of the snow-based tweets 

Let the people have their fun, man. It's Christmas.