Puppet sends woman graphic 'dick pic' (we genuinely don't know what to think) 5 years ago

Puppet sends woman graphic 'dick pic' (we genuinely don't know what to think)

We don't know what to say.

Here at Her towers we like to think of ourselves as quite a progressive, opinionated lot. Sometimes the news is the news and we simply share it accordingly. But more often than not we try to find an angle, and hopefully get you thinking about a particular aspect of it.


But this one has got us well and truly flummoxed. We don't know where to begin.

First of all the facts. This puppet, called 'Lux'...

...slid into a Toronto woman's DMs, and sent her a very graphic and remarkably detailed (for a puppet) picture of his (it's?) erect penis. There you go. That's what happened in 2017, apparently.


Where do you go with that?

Is it?

  • Offensive, and just goes to show that rampant male chauvinism is so prevalent that a woman can be treated in such a way via something as seemingly innocuous as a puppet?
  • Funny, as the women in question (and women in the replies) seem to be finding it amusing and the whole scenario is inherently surreal;
  • Impressive - for various reasons - but mainly the invention, design and execution of the...needle work?
  • Clever, as a satirical comment upon the pervasive nature of social media by an artist with a serious message;
  • Just another weird thing that happened on the internet.

Honestly, we don't intend to make light of it, nor do we want to seem unnecessarily poe-faced. Does criticising it mean we're 'kink shaming' a fetish we weren't aware of? Does it matter whether a man or woman is behind Lux? We're just very confused.


Anyway, if you really want to see the 'penis' in question, here you go. May the Lord have mercy on all of our souls.