Kerry mum's gas video about body confidence post-pregnancy 4 years ago

Kerry mum's gas video about body confidence post-pregnancy

'Bikini bodies' are, thankfully, not so much a thing anymore.

Back in the day, everybody told you that you had to get one, and if you didn't want one, you were presumed to be lying to yourself.


Now, however, those who push the idea of the 'bikini body' are the ones being criticised, and thank god because that kind of standard is just not attainable for the majority of women.

That being said, the expectation to be slim still very much exists... as does the expectation for women to lose their baby weight after they've given birth.

One woman who's having none of this is mum and blogger, Riona O'Connor.

She's not having it so much so that she's actually gone and written a parody song about how to get a bikini body - and once she realised that all that entails is putting a bikini on her body, there was absolutely no stopping her.


She's out and about with the kids.

She's breastfeeding.


She's driving around.

She's on the swings.


She's down Tesco.

And she's on the beach with her beach bod.

These screenshots do not do the video justice though, so make sure you watch the full thing, lyrics and all, here.