People with these names are most likely to be basic 5 years ago

People with these names are most likely to be basic

Listen, we're all a bit basic.

Extensive scientific research has shown that there is a direct correlation between your name and the likelihood of you being a basic little betch.


I've compiled a list of the most basic female names currently in circulation. If your name, or the name of a loved one appears on the below list, don't panic. Help is available and you will get through this.

Aoife Lovesscentedcandles

Bríd Thinksshesthegalwaygirl

Ciara Hasallthenakedpalettes

Claire Quietnightin

Deirdre Lovesbeyonce


Eimear Jeansandanicetop

Fiona Withhimselfforsevenyears

Gillian Teaandcatchupchats

Hayley Drivesavolkswagengolf

Jennifer Inspirationalquotesoninstagram


Karen Fitfam

Laura Bottomlessprosecco

Lisa Lovesacurlyblowdry

Mairéad Fanciesryangosling


Niamh Obsessedwithfairylights

Paula Ringsmameveryday

Róisín Cantwaitforchristmas

Sarah Bringsherlunchtowork


Tina Vodkasodawaterlime

Yvonne Michaelkorswatch