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2017 is the year that lots of people are planning on getting their lives on track. For some, that means finally settling down and forcing another person to commit to them. For others, it just means being happy.

If you're feeling impatient and want to know immediately if you're going to either continue being single or suddenly find yourself single in 2017, scan the list below for your name.


Amy Justhavingfun

Catriona Timingwasntright

Orla Independentwoman

Gráinne Mealfortwoforone


Hayley Paddlesherowncanoe

Jennifer Likesdoingherownthing

Karen Isverypicky

Mary Wouldratherbesinglethanwithaprick

Susan Wantstofindherself

Tara Cantbetieddown




Aaron Fondofthewomen

Michael Justwantstobeonhisown

Ronan Hateseveryone

Eoin Playingthefield

Stephen Fanciedbynobody

Paul Cantaffordagirlfriendrightnow

Cian Likeshisspace

Niall Playsbyhimself


William Isntintherightheadspace

Kevin Keepinghisoptionsopen


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