9 people that always wish you Happy Birthday on Facebook 6 years ago

9 people that always wish you Happy Birthday on Facebook

Happy Birthday hun, brunch soon xx

It's always nice to wish someone Happy Birthday on Facebook. It makes them feel loved and helps contribute to running down their phone battery on a day where it'll be going off non-stop.


Everyone tries to write the best Happy Birthday message on their friend's Facebook wall because, as we all know, the only way to get true validation these days is via Facebook 20+ likes.

Here's 9 well-wishers we all come across every year on our birthdays.

1. The Comedian


FBHB1 copy

This prankster tries to be a little different by suggesting that he hasn't even noticed the 35 recent additions to your timeline. What a hoot! He'll write it on literally everyone's timeline when their birthday rolls around, and we'll throw him a courtesy like to keep him ticking over.


2. The Promiser


FBHB2 copy

Paula would swear blind she's going to split her lottery win with you, then flee the country with the full jackpot and you'd never hear from her again. She's all talk, but we've grown to accept that that's simply her way. 2019 is looking good for that reunion hun x


3. Vain Valerie



Valerie's a little scut, but she's well aware of it so nobody makes a big deal out of it. She does it on everyone's birthday and always picks a real humdinger of a photograph to mortify you with. Luckily, one heroic soul pulls a similar number on Valerie's profile when it's her birthday. Karma.


4. The Obliger



Orla's main motivation behind wishing you Happy Birthday is that you'll return the favour when her big day rolls around. She hasn't missed a friend's birthday all year and woe betide anyone that doesn't repay the deed, or thou shalt feel the wrath of Orla's lack of a birthday post the following year.


5. The Endearing One


It wouldn't dawn on poor Emer to make a quick phone call or tell you all these lovely things in person. Instead, she resorts to a very public spectacle. She's also texted, tweeted, WhatsApped and Snapchatted you for good measure. Bless her, she's a good soul but loves a bit of a social media sop-fest.


6. The Legend


The big boy Liam is a busy man and barely has enough time to exchange pleasantries on Facebook. He goes for a direct and to the point approach, not even sacrificing so much as a sliver of time to complete his message with a full stop. What a legend. Thanks so much for getting in touch pet x


7. The Joker


You're not particularly close to this person, but they firmly believe that they have a deep rooted connection with anyone they've ever gone on a night out with. Irene half wants to jog your memory and half wants to let the world know that she's extremely gas and capable of having and remembering inside jokes with everyone. Woo!


8. The Relative


Your slightly weird aunt never fails to miss a birthday. She's shunned the tradition of sending you a card with €20 in it and has forced herself to keep up with the times and post on your Facebook page. There's always a hint of concern as to whether she knows it's public and everyone can see her strange words.


9. The Acquaintance


Amy can take many forms, from a primary school classmate, to a woman you worked with eight years ago, she's somehow always lurking on your Facebook profile. Her birthday wishes are very direct and to the point. The full stop speaks volumes, unlike her very stern and hidden personality.




Lead image via the very kind and unashamed Alice Murray