14 Of The Best Internet Reactions To Adele's New Video 'Hello' 5 years ago

14 Of The Best Internet Reactions To Adele's New Video 'Hello'

Friday morning has never sounded so good.

Oh Adele, we have missed you so. And by the looks of things, everyone else on the internet has, too.


We've spent all morning refreshing YouTube comments doing important research into the fan reaction to her new super ballad, Hello, and our findings make for some of the finest reading on the internet today.

Here are some of the best responses (so far) this morning...

1. "This one song is worth more than everything Taylor Swift has done since birth."

youtube 1

Preach, R. Drake. Preach.

2. "My vagina is crying."

youtube 2


Fair enough.

3. "On October 23 every year we will light candles and burn our weaves in remembrance of this day. The day Adele slayed the souls of many."

adele slays youtube

So many slayed souls.

4. "There will be a goat version?"


goat version youtube

Fingers crossed.

5. "Hold onto your weaves, ladies. Adele is ready to scalp everyone in the music industry."

youtube 4


Everyone needs to be on guard.

6. "Put on eyeliner like Adele; LIFEGOAL."

youtube adele eyeliner



7. "Is no one going to talk about how Adele's eyeliner is in better shape than our lives?"

eyeliner gifs

We're all talking about it.

8. "Is anyone gonna talk about the flip phone at the start of the video?"

flip phone final comment

We're all talking about it.

9. "Of course you're not going to get reception on that old phone."

adele youtube 9

A fair point, well made.

10. The flip phone really is causing controversy:flip phone youtube

11. "Full name of this song is: "Hello b******! I'm back."

adele bitches back


12. "I am absolutely destroyed, everything about this is simplistically perfect."

simplistically perfect

Hello = simplistically perfect.

13. "HER MUSIC, HER VOICE, HER ACTING, AND GOD DAMN HER BEAUTY. My excitement."adele god damn it


14. "So, is Adele a dementor? Every time I listen to her sing, I feel like I may never be happy again." adele dementor

We feel your pain.

Adele is back. The world is delighted. Her full album, 25, will be released next month. Roll on November 20th.