13-year-old rape victim seeks an abortion due to 'health risks' 5 years ago

13-year-old rape victim seeks an abortion due to 'health risks'

A 13-year-old rape victim is seeking an abortion due to the "health risks" associated with her pregnancy.

The girl, who is 30-weeks pregnant, needs approval from the Indian Supreme Court to terminate the pregnancy.


BBC News reports that the girl's parents have gone to the court to ask permission for the procedure. Under Indian law, abortion is legal after 20 weeks if the mother's life is in danger.

The girl's pregnancy was discovered when she visited a doctor in Mumbai.

Her parents believed their daughter was suffering from a thyroid problem and were seeking a treatment for obesity.

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Gynaecologist Dr. Nikhil Datar told the BBC that he informed Mumbai police of the girl's pregnancy.

"Her pelvis is not fully developed to carry a baby to full term and she will go through physical and mental trauma if she's not allowed to abort.

There are definite risks to her health. It will be more troublesome for her the longer it's allowed to continue."

Dr. Datar added that the girl "knows she is pregnant and kind of understands what it means, but not fully."

The girl alleges she was raped by her father's colleague.


He has since been arrested.

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This comes just over one week after a 10-year-old rape victim gave birth via Caesarean section after being denied an abortion by the Indian Supreme Court.

The court said the procedure would have been "too risky."


A study conducted earlier this year showed that one in five children living in India do not feel safe for fear of being sexually abused.

Children between the ages of 12 and 18 were surveyed.