Here are the places you can jet off to for under fifty quid 5 years ago

Here are the places you can jet off to for under fifty quid

So, as you may have heard, Ryanair has announced yet another massive sale!... after it’s little… episode.

So, if you think prices being reduced to a splendid one-way base price of €9.99 can win you over again, here are a few places you can dash off to for under €50. And yes, we’ve tried our best to ensure you don’t need to use up too many of those treasured work holidays.


We should also mention that to avail of Ryanair’s cut prices, you’ll need to book by Sunday, 1 October, and the travel period itself is within October 2017 and February 2018.

Heading outbound from Dublin:

Just over a week in Ibiza, Spain (time for partying AND relaxation)


Fly out Thursday 12 October; arrive at 9:50 (€21.99)

Fly back Tuesday, 24 October; departing 14:35 (€21.99)

Cost: €43.98


Weekend in Cologne, Germany

Fly out Thurs 9 November; arrive at 19:05 (€10)

Fly back Sunday 12 November;depart at 22:45 (€23.19)

Cost: €33.19


Weekend roaming around London, England

Fly out Thurs 16 November; arrive at 9:10 (€9.99)

Fly home Sunday 19 November, depart at 19:35 (€19.23)

Cost: €29.22


A seasonal trip to chilly Edinburgh, Scotland

Fly out Thursday 7 December; arrive 13:45 (€9.99)

Fly home on Saturday 9 December: depart at 21:15 (€16.99)

Cost: €26.98


Heading outbound from Cork:

To London Gatwick

Fly out Saturday 2 December; arrive at 16:10 (€24.79)

Fly home 4 Monday December; depart at 16:35 (€19.99)

Cost: €44.75

To Liverpool, England

Fly out Wednesday 17 Jan; arrive at 21:00 (€9.99)

Fly back on Sunday 21 January; depart at 20:25 (€38.69)

Cost: €48.68

Note: These prices may be subject to change but were accurate at time of writing.