5km travel limit set to be extended, says Coveney 6 months ago

5km travel limit set to be extended, says Coveney

Some good news.

This week the government are set to announce the next steps in easing lockdown.


While there is some light at the end of the tunnel in regards to the 5km travel limit and outdoor activities, by and large most of the current lockdown restrictions will remain in place.

Signs reminding people of a 2 meter social distance rule are in place.

NPHET sources say that they are cautious and only recommend the bare minimum when it comes to easing restrictions this week.

They still do not want travel between counties and it seems unlikely that non essential businesses will open.

They do however, plan to ease restrictions for the construction industry.

Speaking on the matter, Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney, said;

"We don't have that NPHET recommendation yet, but I don't think it is any secret that NPHET and indeed the Government recognise that the people need some room to breathe here.

I would expect, but I can't be sure, that we would be looking at the 5km restriction, that we'd be looking at outdoor activity, that we will certainly want to facilitate completing the full return to school for children after 5 April."


He went on to say that the aim is to have those who wish to be receive the vaccine, vaccinated by the end of July.

Simon Coveney 

The government are hoping to announce tomorrow what restrictions can be eased but they are still warning people to be vigilant.

They say that even though some restrictions like the 5km may be eased they still do not want people to visit each other's homes and to remain socially distant at all times.


As it stands the five-day average of cases stands at 620 while the number of new cases has been over 600 for five of the past six days.