Activists to dance at the Dáil to protest nightlife restrictions 8 months ago

Activists to dance at the Dáil to protest nightlife restrictions

There is growing discontent among industry workers as further restrictions loom.

People will take to the streets outside Dáil Éireann to protest Ireland's existing restrictions in the events and nightlife industry and NPHET's recent recommendations.


Earlier today, public health officials advised new rules be given to indoor venues and events, including closures and decreased capacities.

Protest organiser Saturn WölfflöW says those working in the industry are being treated like "bold children" rather than working professionals with livelihoods and careers on the line.

She is joined by industry workers, DJs and performers, who will play tunes as protesters dance to raise awareness.

"We're here today to get the government to feel responsible for the frivolous lack of care that they've had for our events industry, hospitality industry, pubs and other facilitators of the arts," she told Her.


"A lot of working professional's livelihoods are at stake here - and it looks like they're about to shut us back down again."

Saturn herself has worked in the industry for 15 years, both in Ireland and abroad. She previously emigrated and returned to Ireland in August.

"Coming back to the reopening and then to see everything close three weeks later again, everybody getting taken off PUP or having it reduced, seeing all the people I know here for years and years have their livelihoods being ruined...

"Last week when Dr Holohan said the midnight curfew makes no difference that was the final nail in my casket - it's like they don't know what they're doing.


"To me, I want an answer one way or another. They need to take responsibility or fix it."

The protesters point out that instead of curfews and closure, rapid testing can be made available in venues, like in the UK, to prevent the spread of the virus.

Another demonstration highlighting the problems with mask-wearing in schools and government advice to reduce socialisation among young children is also being held at the Dáil today.

It comes as Cabinet met to discuss new measures being brought in for the Christmas period.


The government has been advised that concerts and events should be made to cut their capacity in half in the weeks over Christmas.

According to reports, NPHET has also recommended that nightclubs close entirely until 9 January via a letter sent to government today.

The recommendations follow the emergence of the new Omicron variant in Ireland and around the world.