Andrew McGinley says there is "no future" between him and wife Deirdre Morley 1 year ago

Andrew McGinley says there is "no future" between him and wife Deirdre Morley

"It can never be normal again for either of us."

Andrew McGinley has opened up about seeing "no future" between him and his wife Deirdre Morley, as The Irish Mirror reports.


Andrew's three children - Conor, Darragh and Carla - were tragically murdered by their mother Deirdre Morley in January 2020. She was found not guilty last year, after it was determined she was suffering from a mental disorder at the time.

The Donegal dad has said that he will not have his wife back in his home again if and when she is released from the Central Mental Hospital.


“With regards to Deirdre, I struggle a lot," he said. "Because all I really hear is Conor’s last words. They resound in my head quite a lot.

“So, there is no future I suppose, with myself and Dee.”

He continued: "It can never be normal again for either of us. I know I’ve changed as a person completely. But if I can help her treatment team or her legal team in any way I’m happy to do so and she knows that as well.

“[If she is released], that’s their decision. I’m not the professional. It’s not something I’ve given any detailed thought to. But I think there’s a road to recovery for her. I think I’ve a lot of faith in her current treatment team."


With the second anniversary of the children’s deaths coming up on January 29th, Andrew says he plans to do more to celebrate his children’s lives every day.

He has set up a Youtube, Twitter and Instagram page in memory of the kids, where he shares photos and clips regularly. In the next few months, he will host a charity concert with Daniel O'Donnell.


"I think those clips that I put up show that they had a happy childhood and they were loved by both of us," he said. "I still don’t understand how we went from that to where we are now."