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This is just stupid.

18-year-oldĀ Lee de Paauw from Queensland was putting the moves on a British backpacker on a night out, and what's the best way to impress the ladies? Jump into a river infested with crocodiles of course.

His theory that crocodiles are more likely to attack tourists and not Australians proved false (oddly enough) and he was immediately set upon by a hungry crocodile.

The confident youngster, who has no regrets, punched the 3-metre long croc in the snout after he latched onto his arm, and managed to escape before being caught in the dreaded death roll.

Despite being close to death, Lee seems nonchalant about the whole experience as you can see in this interview conducted by Channel 9 News in Queensland.


We'll leave you with his words of wisdom... "haters gonna hate".

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