Family of baby girl killed by dog say the "pain is unbearable" 8 months ago

Family of baby girl killed by dog say the "pain is unbearable"

Baby Mia died in June 2021.

The family of baby Mia O'Connell has spoken out about their heartache at an inquest into the three-month-old baby's death.


Baby Mia was killed by her family's dog in June 2021.

The incident, which took place at their Waterford home, claimed the life of the baby girl. The family's one-year-0ld dachshund-terrier crossbreed attacked Mia when she was asleep upstairs.

According to RTÉ, the dog snapped at baby Mia when she was brought home from hospital.

Speaking at the inquest,Cork City Coroner Philip Comyn said the dog never should've been left unattended.


He told the court that dogs are so unpredictable and extreme vigilance is required when they're around babies.

Speaking after the inquest, one of Mia's aunts said their family will never get over this loss.

Heidi O'Connell said;

"The pain is unbearable. I think it will never go away. Our hearts are broken forever.


"We will never get her back. It is still like a nightmare. Full of smiles and full of giggles and she was taken away from us so abruptly and so tragically."

'This dog was a small terrier. There were some concerns but you would never in a million years think that something like this would happen to you or your family."

Mia's tragic passing was ruled death by misadventure.