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The BBC captions during Trump's speech were HILARIOUS
There are no words

They should take the rest of the day off.

Donald Trump gave his first press conference since being elected in November and it made for explosive viewing. Amid the allegations about Trump's ties with Putin, Russia's involvement in the election and his alleged sexual scandals, Trump was boisterous and defensive.

The President-elect did state that "If Putin likes me, then that's an asset" before denying THOSE allegations about his sexual activities during a recent stay at the Ritz Carlton, Moscow. He said that it's a "disgrace that this information was let out, it's all fake news and it didn't happen."

He added that any potential leak was from "a group of opponents, sick people and they put that crap together" before reiterating that it "should never have been released."

Given the context of this report, it's fair to say that the person responsible for the 'ticker' on BBC News had a few golden moments of inspiration.

In the press conference, Trump then proceeded to say that that Buzzfeed is "a failing pile of garbage. By writing it (the report), I think they're going to suffer the consequences, they already are." He then said that CNN, in discussing the Buzzfeed report , "are terrible" before labeling them as "fake news".


While all of these reports about Trump remain unconfirmed, the person that's responsible for the live 'ticker' on the BBC News continued to get creative.

As a journalist from the Beeb prepared to ask the President-elect a question, Trump remarked that the new team from the BBC are "another beauty".

Here are the rest of the BBC captions in full. Reporting at its finest.

Well, Buzzfeed are seeing the funny side of things.

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