Believe Me's Lisa McVey chooses "not to remain a victim" after abduction and assault 1 week ago

Believe Me's Lisa McVey chooses "not to remain a victim" after abduction and assault

Bobby Joe Long abducted and sexually assaulted McVey in 1984.

A powerful statement made by Lisa McVey prior to the execution of Bobby Joe Long has re-emerged, following the release of Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey on Netflix over the weekend.


McVey was 17 years old when she was abducted and sexually assaulted by Bobby Joe Long. The teenager was held captive for 26 hours. Long was later convicted of the murder of at least 10 women in Tampa Florida.

McVey persuaded Long to release her, and she worked closely with police to track him down.

Long was sentenced to death in 1986, and he was executed by lethal injection in 2019 after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed his death warrant.

Before his death, McVey read the names of the other victims aloud and then addressed Long directly.

Her statement read: "Bobby Joe Long, people ask me what I would say to you if you were standing in front of me and here's my answer.

"Bobby Joe Long, thank you for choosing me instead of another 17 year-old little girl. The reason why I say 'thank you' now is because I have forgiven you for what you have done to me.

"Had I not forgiven you, I might as well have been in my own prison without walls.


"God has shown me the only way to really be free when someone bestows injustice against you is complete forgiveness.

"My life changed forever and for the better. I chose not to remain a victim, I chose to live. I end my statement with one last thing, Bobby Joe Long, and hear me loud and clear. Hear my roaring voice, may God have mercy on your soul, long overdue."

In 2018, Lisa spoke about her experience in an interview with Fox News.

She said: "I remember pleading with God, whatever you do, just don’t let him kill me. He raped me over and over again. I lost count.


"I had to take all of the abuse I had incurred as a child and just reach down one more time, into the pit of my stomach, and tap into those survivor skills in order to overcome him psychologically. And it worked. Here I am."