Bella Hadid shares Irish TD's People Before Profit Instagram post 11 months ago

Bella Hadid shares Irish TD's People Before Profit Instagram post

The Dun Laoghaire TD is followed by the the supermodel.

Bella Hadid has shared a post by Dublin TD Richard Boyd Barrett to her 50 million Instagram followers.


The TD is just one of the 728 people the American supermodel follows.

The image, shared by Hadid on Thursday, was first shared by Barrett 10 weeks ago and outlined the difference between government funding for horse racing and domestic violence refuges.

The post, which had the People Before Profit slogan on it, read: "Government funding for horse racing: €88 million. Government funding for domestic violence refugees: €30 million."


Hadid shared it to her Instagram story, adding the caption of "#PEOPLEBEFOREPROFIT".

Irish Twitter users were quick to share their responses after the surprising moment.

"THE Bella Hadid?? Richard Boyd Barrett has gone international. What’s happening?" one person questioned.

"Bella Hadid sharing a people before profit post (irish political party) is a crossover I never knew I needed," a second said.


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"This is killing me. Like Bella Hadid a People Before Profit soldier, she’s such a queen," a third person added.

Meanwhile, another joked: "Bella Hadid was spotted handing out PBP leaflets at the Oscars."


Later on Friday, Barrett reposted Hadid's story, saying he was "glad to connect with a fellow activist".

It is not known how exactly Hadid stumbled across Barrett's Instagram page. However, a speech given by the TD in relation to treatment of Palestinians by Israel went viral in early March and was viewed more than a million times worldwide.

The 25-year-old, who is well-known for her activism, may have followed him during this time.

Back in March, Hadid joined her sister GiGi and pledged to donate all of her earnings from Fashion Month to organisations providing help, refuge and medical aide in Palestine and Ukraine.

"I stand along side every person that has been affected by this war and the innocent people who's lives have been changed forever from the hands of 'power'," she said at the time.