The Bernard Shaw may have to close its beer garden and Big Blue Bus 3 years ago

The Bernard Shaw may have to close its beer garden and Big Blue Bus

One of Dublin's most popular bars has been refused permission to continue running its beer garden.

The Bernard Shaw, which is on Richmond St in Dublin 2, may have to cease operating its beer garden and 'Big Blue Bus' dining area.


Bodytonic, which runs the pub, had applied to retain and continue operating the outdoor area, situated to the rear of the pub but a number of locals in the area are against the plan.

They have objected to noise coming from the venue, saying that it is impacting their quality of life, reports The Journal.

In one written complaint, a resident said that they couldn't enjoy their back garden "without stress" over the volume of the music coming from the bar.

Another said that the music could be heard through their windows.


"I have phoned the bar on numerous occasions to have the music turned off, most recently at 11pm last Sunday night. The phone is not always answered." they wrote.

In response, Bodytonic wrote that Dublin had already lost a number of iconic venues such as the Tivoli Theatre and Andrews Lane Theatre and that there was a proliferation of hotels and short-term accommodations in the city.

"The Bernard Shaw stands to continue as an attractive destination, thriving business, and cultural touchstone in the fabric of the city’s current recovery,” it said.


"For the near-term this success is depending on the operation of its beer garden, open air dining area and the big blue bus."

Bodytonic has said that it now plans to re-submit an application to continue operating its beer garden and Big Blue Bus.