Breaking: Protestors have arrived at Minister Richard Bruton's home 3 months ago

Breaking: Protestors have arrived at Minister Richard Bruton's home

Protestors who gathered at the home of Simon Harris last week have turned up at Richard Bruton's house.

Ten members of the group calling itself the Fingal Battalion are outside the Communications Minister's property in north Dublin this afternoon with placards, reports the Irish Independent.

The group is protesting carbon tax, group members said in a video online.

The same group gathered outside Health Minister Simon Harris's house in Delgany in Wicklow last Sunday afternoon.

Speaking yesterday Harris said the group appeared to have followed his wife and baby home from a walk.

"Within seconds of my wife coming in the door they had gathered outside my house," he said.

"The thing that keeps coming back to me is that they didn’t know I was in the house so all they saw was my wife and three-week-old baby.”

A separate group, styling itself as the Yellow Vest movement, protested outside the home of Taoiseach Leo Varadkar last night.

A small group of people holding up posters turned up outside Leo Varadkar's house in an estate in Castleknock.

Calling themselves the 'yellow vest' group, the group demanded an end to homelessness, for ways for citizens to get referendums on the ballot paper and for Varadkar to resign as Taoiseach.