A Bus Éireann strike is on the horizon 4 years ago

A Bus Éireann strike is on the horizon

Bus Éireann today informed staff that pay cuts of approximately 10% would be introduced from next month.

A Bus Éireann strike looks increasingly likely after the operator served notice of pay cuts to staff of approximately 10% from the end of next month onwards.


In a letter to staff on Friday, Acting Chief Executive Officer Ray Hernan said that “there will be a general reduction in allowances of 10% across all grades”.

In the letter, Bus Éireann staff were also notified of a 20% reduction to Sunday premium, the cessation of rota and shift premium payments and that overtime rates will be reduced to time and a quarter and double time for public holidays.

The proposed changes on average earnings, according to the letter, will affect earnings by approximately 10%, after an average 2% increase offered on basic pay.

The letter sent to staff on Friday follows on from one sent earlier this month after Bus Éireann said they would seek the assistance of the Labour Court having outlined to the respective unions the actions the believe are required to deal with the immediate risk of insolvency while ensuring future competitiveness and sustainability.

Bus Éireann say that the pay cuts will come into effect on Monday, February 20, when “a more flexible method” for covering core drivers will be introduced, including the potential employment of part-time and casual staff.

Responding to the letter, NBRU (National Bus and Rail Union) General Secretary Dermot O’Leary has said that strike action is “inevitable” as a result.