A dog charity in Dublin has decided to suspend adoptions for Christmas 5 years ago

A dog charity in Dublin has decided to suspend adoptions for Christmas

Because a dog is for life and not just Christmas.

The Irish branch of Dogs Trust based in Finglas, Dublin 11, has decided to suspend dog adoptions until the festive season has passed.


As Christmas is a time when animals are often purchased and soon forgotten about, the charity recognises this as a major factor to the number of animals which end up homeless or neglected come the new year.

Speaking to the Independent.ie, executive director, Susie Carley said: "Every Christmas we suspend rehoming. Christmas is probably the worst time of year to introduce a dog, let alone a puppy, to a new home."

She continued...


"We have a very romantic notion of bringing a puppy into a household. The reality is a lot harder."

The staff at Dogs Trust received a litter of nine puppies over the weekend however, they have decided to care for the litter until the New Year, where they will then try to find forever homes for the nine pups.

You can still continue to sponsor a dog with Dogs Trust throughout Christmas, helping them to help care for the animals who need their love. Dogs Trust will send you a thank you package alongside a special decoration for your Christmas tree.


Remember - if you are ever thinking of bringing a new animal into the house, you should ask yourself the fundamental questions and properly plan for the future with your new responsibility. You can check out some points to remember here.