Donegal man banned from owning dogs for five years after neglect 1 year ago

Donegal man banned from owning dogs for five years after neglect

The poor pup.

A Donegal man has been banned from keeping dogs for the next five years after pleading guilty to neglect or recklessness of an animal.


Michael Boyce from Kilmacrennan, Co. Donegal was also fined €250 after a visit to his home in January of 2020 showed the dog's living conditions.

The ISPCA and Gardaí visited his property after a tip was given and they found a dog tied up to a boiler house at the rear of the property.

With only three or four feet to move around, there was also no evidence of food present and conditions where the dog was kept are described by the ISPCA as "treacherous".


According to the animal charity, the ground was "filthy, littered with debris which included old sinks, bags of turf, timber, washing machines, and old cookers."

The eight-month-old dog, Kaya, was also said to be in an "agitated state showing signs of discomfort" and there was a smell coming from her coat of fur.

Kaya was also wearing a steel prodded collar and could barely move her neck without being in pain as well as needing to be treated for parasites and was transferred to the ISPCA’s Animal Rehabilitation Centre in Donegal for further care and rehoming.

ISPCA Senior Inspector McGinley said: "Kaya had suffered unnecessarily as her owner failed to safeguard her health and welfare by not housing her in clean surroundings or appropriate housing.


"The dog’s owner was reckless having a steel pronged collar pinching her neck every time she moved; it would have caused constant discomfort.

"The ISPCA is against to the use of prong collars in all situations but, in this case, the collar was being used in a completely inappropriate manner. Pet owners have a duty and a legal responsibility to protect the animals in their care."

Kaya was also not microchipped, a legal requirement under the Microchipping of Dogs Regulations 2015.


Kaya’s new owners added: "We can’t change Kay’s past but we can change her future. Kaya was a terrified dog she first arrived but she is coming on leaps and bounds through a lot of ongoing work. She is now living her best life with her new sister Skye. Kaya has been a constant companion throughout lockdown."