Dublin Airport had brilliant response to Wild Mountain Thyme 1 year ago

Dublin Airport had brilliant response to Wild Mountain Thyme

You'd think by now they would just hire Irish actors.

There has been a lot of controversy since the first advert for movie Wild Mountain Thyme came out and for good reason. Go check out the trailer here in you're in any doubt.


Now, while there have been many bad Irish accents in film and TV over the years, the accents in Wild Mountain Thyme are easily some of the worse we've heard.

Dublin Airport's social media team in particular we're having any of it and posted this hilarious response.


I second the call for accent police. It should definitely be added to the next government budget.

I don't really know why it was decided that instead of casting Irish actors (of which there are many) the casting director instead tried to get non Irish actors to do Irish accents.

Have they learned nothing since the accent disaster that was Far and Away?

Surely with Joe Biden's connection with Ireland he'll have a word with Hollywood so this never happens again.


Personally if I had to give a review of the movie just based on the ad I'd say it's about some very good actors with some very bad accents.