Dublin could be finally getting an Apple store 6 years ago

Dublin could be finally getting an Apple store

Apple enthusiasts will be delighted to hear that an Apple store may be on the cards for Dublin city centre.

People have been wondering for many years now why Apple haven't yet opened a physical retail space in Dublin yet, but this could all be due to change according to a report in The Irish Times.


The group that bought the Clery's site on O'Connell Street last year is trying to persuade the tech behemoth to open a flagship store on the ground floor of the former department store.

The group, Natrium, have held many discussions with Apple over the last few months.

In response to queries, Apple has stated that a store for this location has not been announced, but others are saying Natrium are continuing to speak with the company about the possibility.

Currently, the only Apple store on the island of Ireland is located in central Belfast.


Apple has at present 463 retail locations around the globe, but we think if the Dublin one opens, it could be in the running as one of the busiest.