A Dublin hairdresser is offering free blow drys to women who get smear tests 3 years ago

A Dublin hairdresser is offering free blow drys to women who get smear tests

Incredible idea.

Mane Envy, a hair salon in Baldoyle, Dublin is offering free blow drys to women who go and make an appointment to get a smear test.


In a hope to raise awareness about Cervical Cancer and the importance of getting checked, owner of Mane Envy, Gillian Lee came up with this initiative at her salon.

The idea first came to light over a year ago when Gillan's mother went for a smear test and noticed some abnormalities which then led to her undergoing major surgery. Luckily she was OK and recovered however, without a smear test this might not of been the outcome.

Therefore Gillian decided to offer free blow drys to women who prove they have attended a smear test with a note from their GP or nurse or a confirmation text saying that they are booked in to get one.

Speaking to 98FM, Gillian said: “When poor Jade Goody sadly died, her story was in the media, and there was a huge uptake of smear tests. That was in 2009…fast forward to now, 2018 and it seems that momentum has reached an all-time low with numbers dropping dramatically. And, when you realise around 300 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year in this country, which, according to the Irish Cancer Society is the second most common female cancer in Europe, I felt that as a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and as a woman, I had to do something to try and give others like me an incentive to make that smear test appointment”.

Fair play!