#Covid-19: Dublin Pride parade and festival postponed until September 9 months ago

#Covid-19: Dublin Pride parade and festival postponed until September

Dublin's Pride celebrations have been postponed until September.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, organisers of the Dublin Pride festival and parade have decided to move the date from its annual fixture in June.


It has been provisionally rescheduled for September 12 but that date is subject to change.

The news was announced in a lengthy statement posted on the official Dublin LGBTQ+ website, saying that they "look forward to better times when we can march beside you again. Until then remember, we’re in this together".

The statement also emphasised the importance of staying at home right now, respecting the healthcare workers on the frontline who go to work everyday to fight the coronavirus crisis.

Also mentioned was the need to remember how are "all in this together"... this will be the theme of the festival but also for the entire year.

"Over the past few days we have kept hearing the phrase ‘In this Together’, a hard reminder that this virus shows no favour to anyone, but more than that, it is call to arms, a plea to everyone to join the fight and do their part.

"This will be theme of Dublin Pride, not just our festival, but our whole year. We stand ready to answer Ireland’s call in whatever way we can, and we ask you to do the same and when the crisis is over, Pride will be ready to play its role in bringing communities together and breathing life back into the city".


A rallying cry and one that is needed in such an uncertain time, you can read the statement in full here.