Emotional footage shows Ukrainian dad saying goodbye to daughter 4 months ago

Emotional footage shows Ukrainian dad saying goodbye to daughter

The clip has received worldwide attention.

A video of a father saying goodbye to his young daughter has gone viral since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24.


Following President Volodymyr Zelenskyy declaring martial law yesterday, Ukraine has now made it illegal for men aged 18 to 60 to leave the country. This will undoubtedly separate many families, as can be seen in the now-viral video.

In the 30 second clip, a father kisses his daughter before putting a white beanie hat on her head. Moments later, he has crouched down, weeping into his child before pulling who is presumably her mother in for a family hug. This is but one of the many harrowing videos currently circling on social media.


An additional video uploaded to Twitter shows another father bidding farewell to his family. He draws half of a heart on the bus window before his daughter finishes it.

Ukraine's interior ministry announced that men between the designated ages would not be allowed to leave via telegram. Posting shortly before midnight on February 24, the announcement reads: "The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reports that due to the imposition of martial law in Ukraine, a certain category of citizens is temporarily restricted from leaving Ukraine."

Ukraine Via Twitter

"In particular, male citizens of Ukraine aged 18 to 60 are prohibited from leaving Ukraine. Such a rule will apply for the period of martial law. We ask citizens to take this information into account."

At the 24-hour mark, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that 137 civilians and military personnel had been killed in the conflict.

Ireland today officially lifted all visa restrictions for Ukrainians travelling from the country to Ireland.

Minister for Justice Helen McEntee announced the news today, stating the changes would be made, effective immediately.


I am appalled by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the unjustified and unprovoked attack against a democratic sovereign state in Europe.

She said: “We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and its people and will, working with our partners in the European Union, play our part in assisting them in their time of need.

“That is why I am immediately lifting visa requirements between Ukraine and Ireland.

"This will apply to all Ukrainians who want to travel to Ireland. It will assist Irish citizens and their families in Ukraine, as well as the families of members of the Ukrainian community here in Ireland who may want to leave Ukraine.

“This measure will be kept under review and the Government will also work with colleagues on any further EU-wide measures that might assist those fleeing Ukraine.”