Everything you need to know about the Ryanair pilot strike today 4 years ago

Everything you need to know about the Ryanair pilot strike today

Ryanair pilots will take industrial action this morning.

However, most flights will go ahead.


Ryanair and trade union reps met to discuss the strike yesterday, however they could not come to an agreement.

30 out of 290 flights have been cancelled, with the airline saying that customers who will be affected have already been alerted.

The airline has stated that those who have not been alerted should continue with their travel plans as normal.


The airline tweeted out the formal industrial action letter yesterday, and wrote: "Ryanair pilot union talks conclude without agreement.

"Ryanair expects strike by 27% of Irish pilots to proceed tomorrow."

The union announced on July 3 that 99 per cent of their members had backed the industrial action in a ballot - and that they would be further action.


At the time, a spokesperson for the Ialpa said:

"Our members pilots directly employed by Ryanair complain that there is no transparent system for the determination of important matters [including] voluntary/involuntary base transfer/allocation, command upgrade, allocation of annual leave and promotion.

"When a pilot received notice of a mandatory able change, or is denied a request for a change of base, such management decisions can have a devastating effect on family life."