Female White House staffers earn $21k less than men on average 5 years ago

Female White House staffers earn $21k less than men on average

Women hold fewer high-earning positions.

It's been revealed that the wage gap between men and women in US President Trump's White House is more extreme than the national US average.


A new report by CNN showed that female White House staffers earn 80 cent for every dollar that their male counterparts make - a gap of 20 per cent.

Compare this to the 82 cent that US women make to the dollar, according to the US Department of Labour and it's clear that the President's female staff are being even more short-changed than most.

This works out at a $21,000 difference - male staff members earn $104,000 on average, while the average female salary is $83,000.


The news network puts the disparity down to the fact that men hold many of the higher-up jobs in the White House.

Of the 22 employees in top-earning positions there, women number just six.

Concerningly, it's been suggested that the White House wage gap has actually tripled under Trump.

A report by the American Enterprise Institute which looked at median wages rather than average ones says the current wage gap is actually 36.8 per cent, compared to a gap of 10.75 under Barack Obama.


Earlier this year, Ivanka Trump gave her take on America's gender pay gap on Twitter.