Flying to the US or Canada soon? Snow is causing HUGE delays and cancellations 5 years ago

Flying to the US or Canada soon? Snow is causing HUGE delays and cancellations

Bad news for anyone planning a trip soon.

It seems like our lives have been dominated by weather updates and warnings for the last month and we’re not out of the woods just yet.


Yes, the weather has impacted on pretty much every aspect of our lives for weeks now and no more so than for those planning to travel.

The chaos continues at many airports with more than 4,000 flights having been cancelled in and out of the US and Canada. Yes, thousands of flights have been cancelled due to increasing levels of snow at many airports thanks to Storm Toby.


This is the fourth storm on the far side of the Atlantic in the last month to have caused such upset to travel plans for thousands of customers including many of those flying from Irish airports.

Storm Toby has brought strong winds, coastal flooding and wet snow to much of the East Coast of the US and Canada and has grounded thousands of flights with airlines waiving change fees due to the continuing bad weather.


Over 4,151 flights were cancelled yesterday and over 1,300 flight delays being reported also.

Many are expecting flight delays and cancellations to continue over the coming days as Storm Toby continues to cause huge disruptions.


Customers planning on flying in or out of US and Canadian airports, more specifically on the East Coast, are asked to check their airline's website for flight updates and options for flight-change fees.