Former pen pal says Chris Watts said he planned murders "weeks in advance" 2 years ago

Former pen pal says Chris Watts said he planned murders "weeks in advance"

Watts is currently serving life in prison.

Since Netflix released its true crime series American Murder: The Family Next Door, the Watts family case has received a lot of attention.


The series focuses on the disappearance of Shanann Watts and her two daughters in 2018 and the shocking revelation that it was her husband that murdered them.

Watts was sentenced to five life sentences for the brutal murders of his 34-year-old wife, Shanann, daughters Bella, 4, and Cece, 3, and unborn son Nico back in 2018.

Cheryln Cadle is an author who became fascinated with the case and claims to be former prison pen pals with Chris Watts.


Cadle, who says she has received several responses from Watts, says that during their correspondence Watts  revealed some of his most closely guarded secrets, including the fact that he planned the murders weeks in advance.

She also said during an interview with Inside Edition that Watts allegedly said he also slipped his wife painkillers to try and end her pregnancy.

As well as corresponding by letters Cadle has also spoken to Watts in person and was taken aback at how 'nonchalantly' he would talk about the murders he committed;


“At times, when he would talk about the murders, his eyes would turn so black.

He just would get a different look on his face, and he talked about it so nonchalantly, like going down to get a cup of coffee."

Cadle also said during the interview that Watts went into great detail about just how he murdered his wife and children during their conversations.

In the run-up to the murders, Watts had been having an affair with a co-worker. He is currently serving life in prison.