Good news everyone: Fungie has apparently been found 11 months ago

Good news everyone: Fungie has apparently been found

Praise be.

Fungie the dolphin has apparently been found.


Following a long night of worry, concern, and general anxiety that Dingle's famous dolphin was no more, a fisherman has said that Fungie was swimming alongside his boat yesterday.

The dolphin, who is thought to be about 45 years old, was reported missing last night after locals had said that he had not been seen in Dingle harbour for two days.

This lack of sighting made people fear the worst. What would we, as a nation, be if not for Fungie?

Luckily, we don't need to even consider the above because apparently, the dolphin was never missing at all. Rather, he's been out swimming alongside fishing boats and getting some food. Good for him.

Local fisherman Paul Hand told RTÉ News that the dolphin was swimming alongside his boat yesterday, and that he is "one thousand percent sure" it was him.

"I've been looking at him for the last 40 years," he said. "It was definitely him. He swam alongside my boat for a spell as I headed out in to the bay."


Well, that's great to know, so. Panic averted. Everyone get back to your daily lives filled with worrying about normal things like when you're going to get see your parents again.

Fungie first arrived to Dingle in the 80s, and has since become a popular tourist attraction.

Believed to be about 45 years old, Fungie's old age has been a point of contention for some years, with many people suggesting that the dolphin would not have stayed in the peninsula for so long.

Dolphins do, however, have an expected life span of 50 years, so it's not entirely impossible that Fungie has been chilling out in Dingle for all this time. Fair play to him.

Glad to hear he's still going strong.