Grab the suncream - Ireland is set to be hotter than Mallorca this week 1 year ago

Grab the suncream - Ireland is set to be hotter than Mallorca this week

Summer is arriving, but it appears to be arriving incrementally.

And perhaps that is something we should be looking to do, too. Instead of completely swapping out our winter wardrobes for our summer gear, we should just swap out one hoodie for one pair of shorts a week, until summer (and our summer clothes) arrives in full.

Met Éireann have set its forecast for the week, and it kicks off pretty great, with Monday seeing temperatures as high as 20 degrees around the country - hotter than in Mallorca, just FYI.

However, after that, things will dip ever so slightly, with one part of the country doing better than the rest:

"Tuesday and Wednesday will be dry, bright days. Some sunshine each day, but some cloudy periods also. Temperatures should be in the mid to high teens generally, possibly a tad higher in more western areas. But locally on coasts exposed to onshore breezes, temperatures may dip into the low teens."

Alright everyone, pack up, we're moving to Mayo for the week.

After that, Thursday and Friday will see the temperatures average out around 14 to 17 degrees, and the weekend will see heavier rain and generally unsettled weather taking over, especially in the east of the country.

Maybe put one of those pairs of shorts back that weekend...