Journalist Una Mullally Has Revealed That She Is Battling Cancer 5 years ago

Journalist Una Mullally Has Revealed That She Is Battling Cancer

Journalist Una Mullally has revealed that she has been diagnosed with stomach cancer.

The Irish Times writer opened up about her health news in an emotional column this morning, confirming that she was diagnosed with the disease last month.

Mullally said that she underwent a colonoscopy in March after experiencing stomach issues and was told that a large tumour had been found.

While the cancer is not terminal, it is at stage three and she said that she is at the "beginning of a long road" after starting an "aggressive" course of chemotherapy three weeks ago.

As part of the column, Mullally also highlighted that her girlfriend Sarah has been at her side throughout her treatment and called on people to support marriage equality in the upcoming election.

"I go on the radio and television to talk about gay rights. Yet I still stuttered to a nurse when I said “girlfriend”. What am I like? I guess it’s hard to accept yourself when your country doesn’t," she said.

"Like any couple, myself and Sarah are not an abstract to be debated on RTÉ. We are real people. These are our real lives. Because when myself and Sarah stand next to our friends, with their boyfriends or girlfriends, or husbands or wives, we know that we are equal. And we are tired of being told that we are not. Our life together is self-evident. We are not lesser than."