Kerry county council investigating reports of rats swinging from trees 3 years ago

Kerry county council investigating reports of rats swinging from trees

This does not sound in any way pleasant.

Kerry county council have confirmed they are investigating reports of a rat problem in an estate in the town of Causeway in north Kerry after a resident reported seeing rats “swinging off the branches of trees” near her home.


Speaking to Kerry Today on Radio Kerry, Causeway resident Amy Goggin said that her seven-year-old daughter spotted rats in a tree near their home on Monday, two years after Amy had originally reported the matter to Kerry county council.

She told Jerry O’Sullivan on Kerry Today that the rats were “like monkeys, swinging from branch to branch” and that their presence has had a profound effect on her and her children.

“They (Amy's children) had a trampoline out the back; I’m after getting somebody to take that down today because they were actually crying to get out the back,” she told Jerry O’Sullivan on Kerry Today.

“I can’t leave them out the back. I literally can’t go out the back of my house or I can’t go out the front of my house because of this trouble.”

Asked by O’Sullivan if she felt trapped in her own home, Amy replied:

“Oh yes. Yeah. If I had anywhere to go I’d be gone so that the lads wouldn’t have to witness that.

"Even this morning... my little girl going out the door to school, I had to open the front door and she stood behind me until I walked out first.

"She was scared to go out.”

Kerry county council confirmed to Radio Kerry that they have received a report and are investigating the matter.

You can listen back to Amy Goggin’s interview on Kerry Today here.